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A Message From Driven Fitness and Performance - A Roxbury Lacrosse Sponsor/Supporter.

By Michael Maloy, 03/29/20, 4:00PM EDT


Live Virtual Training Sessions.

Roxbury Lacrosse Players & Families, 

I hope you guys are all doing well under these circumstances. If you have been negatively impacted financially thus far I am praying and thinking about you. 

For those who do not know me my name is Gary Vesper, I am the owner and coach of Driven Fitness & Performance. For five years Driven has served thousands of local athletes, volunteered on many Roxbury youth and high school teams, and have sponsored the Roxbury Lacrosse Program throughout the years. I am most proud of some of the great relationships we have made with Roxbury families and athletes. 

At this point we hope our reputation does a lot of the talking for us. If you would like to learn more about us you can talk to Coach Blough, and a lot of different families throughout all the Roxbury high school and youth programs. 

Out of this tough situation there is a silver lining that athletes can take advantage of. As you can imagine, I wanted to find real, quality solutions for our local families of athletes and teams. To that end I’ve come up with something really amazing that we have already been implementing with great success. 

My goal through this is to use my expertise to deliver real value and real training sessions that each athlete can benefit from because they are organized, progression based, and with purpose. Athletes who buy in RIGHT NOW have such an amazing opportunity to elevate their athleticism and create MASSIVE separation to those who are sitting on the couch all day or only putting in the bare minimum of work. 

It is sink or swim season and an amazing opportunity. As athletes you can sink into the couch all day or you can get to work. Those who get to work will 100% come out of this a quicker, more explosive and reactive athlete. You can come out of this better and I want you guys to be about that life! No excuse, train fast, be fast! Plus, the mental health of connecting with teammates/friends, getting coached through great sessions and feeling pride and progress is EXTREMELY important.

How are we doing this: 

  1. We have running LIVE ZOOM sessions that are based around functional strength and athletic movement. These sessions are Monday-Friday 3:30-4:15, Sunday - Thursday 7:00-7:45pm and Saturday from 10:30am - 11:15am. These are legit. You can watch the last 30 minutes of one on this link. In this session you’ll see Tyler Doerr, Varsity Football player and First Team All County getting after it! 


Open invite to all. When we have a session. Click the link and let’s get to work. 

  1. We also have have an online training portal that we have organized, structured, and progression based workouts already uploaded. These workouts can be done whenever an athlete wants, are around 15-45 minutes in length, and are GREAT athletic based workouts. We also record the ZOOM sessions and then upload them to this portal so athletes can do the workout if they miss it live.

Access to the online portal is here. It is NOT an email capture form. You just need to make an account. - This is the online portal. 

And here is an example of a “Lateral Quickness” Workout in the portal: 

Leverage these resources in addition to any of the strength work you are doing that coach is providing! I will shoot a video for you guys and send it to you so you can see a tutorial. Stand by for that! 

 My mission is to come out of this stronger. Stronger relationships, a stronger community, stronger athletes, stronger teams, stronger programs, stronger families, stronger Driven, and a stronger leader. 

Because once we are through this sports will resume, life will hopefully start getting back to normal, and games need to be played, championships need to be won, and minutes need to be earned. 

I hope EVERY athlete and family takes us up on this. As athletes, lead the way. 

Train fast. Move with speed & power. Get the edge while other schools are being lazy. You won’t regret it. 

Please feel free to reach out at any time at or follow us on Instagram at DrivenFitperform and you can always shoot me a message there with questions or if you want help with your technique. 

Stay Strong & Much Love. 

Gary Vesper, Coach. Driven 

Driven Fitness & Performance

19 Route 10 Unit 4&5 Succasunna